About Me

Attorney Jay Rothman enjoys over five decades of experience safeguarding the rights of others. Employee protections are a central focus of his current practice, and he stands by the right of workers with a strong practice focus on harassment and discrimination, wrongful terminations, retaliation, and wage and hourly pay disputes.

Current Role and Duties

As an attorney with a lengthy career history, Rothman maintains his law firm, Jay S. Rothman and Associates. The firm features several additional attorneys and specializes in employment law. The law firm is based in Woodland Hills, California but can pursue cases in many jurisdictions in California and beyond, including state and federal courts.

At the Rothman law office, all legal areas of concern for workers are covered. Employee law is a complex field that requires detailed knowledge of federal labor laws, the additional rights afforded under California law, and an understanding of nuances of specific benefit programs and other employee programs. Whether Rothman acts as the lead attorney for a case or another lawyer is at the helm, the practice always benefits from his years of experience and knowledge of historical cases and legal precedents.

Academic History and Law School Education

Jay Rothman graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science degree before attending the Southwestern University School of Law. At Southwestern, he obtained his Juris Doctor in 1972 and has remained a practicing attorney in California for the past 51 years. He has bar admissions with the state of California and the United States Supreme Court.

Professional Skills and Experience

Throughout his career, Rothman has pursued several cases. Still, his prime passion is in areas of employment law where attention to detail and a dedication to clients can help right wrongs perpetuated by overbearing workplaces or employers ignorant of basic and more complex labor guidelines.

While his primary areas of focus in recent years are sexual harassment cases, wrongful termination, discrimination, and retaliation, other often repeated cases include creating a hostile work environment and constructive termination, failure to provide reasonable accommodations, whistleblower cases, and compensation disputes.

Over the past five decades, Rothman has conducted over 6,000 depositions and is viewed as an intense advocate for his clients by his fellow attorneys.

Law firm areas of expertise

Using his law firm, Rothman can share insights into a variety of additional areas of experience with his associates when a case needs additional input. People who visit or call the law office are often vulnerable due to workplace mistreatment or the disregard of established labor policies. They may not always be able to articulate what policy or law was broken, but they know they were mistreated and needed help.

Employee law practice extends beyond the most egregious acts, such as sexual harassment or racial discrimination, and includes a variety of worker protections. Common concerns, such as job safety complaints or worker's compensation issues. Any retaliation a workplace may pursue after an employee is injured also an issue commonly covered as well as discrimination following reports of prohibited behavior, such as not allowing breaks required by law or not meeting federal and state minimum wage and overtime requirements.

Discrimination for FMLA leave, gender, medical conditions, military service, pregnancy, race, sexual orientation, or due to the need for reasonable accommodations can also be pursued by the law firm. For Rothman and associates, the ability to file these cases on behalf of workers mistreated is an opportunity to help those protected by law regain their dignity and receive compensation and any settlement due. These cases also provide an opportunity for employers not only to learn improper behavior will not be tolerated but learn it with a dollar sign attached — a message that, unfortunately, often resonates better than words.

Philanthropy and Charitable Involvement

As part of his civic contributions, Jay Rothman has donated his time to serving as a judge in a small claims court and to work as a court settlement officer.

Accomplishments and Achievements

Over five decades of successful legal practice, Rothman has accumulated several local, statewide and national recognitions. One of his proudest accolades in recent years was receiving a distinguished rating through Martindale-Hubbell. Martindale-Hubble is a top national resource for lawyers who want to utilize the latest technological advances and full legal experience to grow their firms. The company also serves as a database of legal professionals and publishes a prominent law directory providing background data on lawyers and law firms.

Rothman was also recognized in Who's Who California, a top publication recognizing prominent members of top professions.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

When Rothman isn't leading and consulting on high-profile litigation, he enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife, Sherry.


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